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Manning It Up

July 21, 2009

At times I feel as though my manliness may suffer due to some of my decisions. So from now on I will try my hardest to man things up a notch, here is a list of some questionable things I do.

Skinny jeans, I believe men can be stylish right? And what says style more than cutting of the circulation to the lower half of your body. So the jeans stay.

I drink vodka raspberries; again I see nothing wrong with this. And its not feminine if you grunt and yell “YEAH I LOVE SPORT” while drinking them, which I do.

I don’t enjoy chewing meat from bones; I hate eating chicken legs and such. Why do we continue to eat meat from the bone? Using our hands and teeth when we invented the technology to slice food products without the use of our hands centuries ago. This act seems savage and primitive

I find spiders scary. What’s not scary about them? They’re all hairy and eight legged. I bet I would be scary with eight legs, or a super villain.

To me however being called gay doesn’t seem like an insult. However I do feel constantly emasculated by my mum who whenever we go to a café for lunch will ask what I’m having and then order for me, while she is telling the waitress what I want I feel either like I’m five again and am shy of people or some mentally disabled boy in the outside world for the first time in months who can’t order a meal for himself.