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Pretty Ladies Sell T.V Shows?

June 26, 2011

I am no stranger to internet advertising, hell I’ve been the one millionth viewer of a website almost millions of times and have almost shot all the targets to win an Ipad before being whisked away to another ad many times. I also understand the very basic principle of

Pretty lady + product = PROFIT

However as I was browsing the Huffington Post recently, feeling like a hipster kid who is mad that Arcade Fire are now popular and well known for winning best album of the year Grammy, since HuffPo recently merged with AOL. Things just aren’t real or good to me unless no one else likes/or is aware of it. That is why I only like one man, post polka-punk-indie-core bands who have a limited run of ten prints of their 7 inch EP before breaking up.

I would say that the merge between these two was seamless and unnoticeable until I saw these Ads

they are going to run out if ideas once they have a show with a red headed woman...which wil never happen

so these are DIFFERENT shows?


Are these for the same show?? Because it tells you absolutely nothing about why I should watch either of these programs. Nor what they are about at all it is the exact it picture except one has an attractive brunette woman and the other has a blonde woman. So it really comes down to personal preference here; do you prefer to sit alone crying in your darkened apartment while watching a woman with brown hair? Or blonde hair?


The American apparel advertisements are a punch in the face to every single man, reading reviews for albums he already has on pitchfork and sputnikmusic. These are blatantly pornographic. So much so that if someone enters the room while I am on a page with these banners strewn across my browser like a giant flashing neon sign saying “ALMOST NAKED WOMAN, BUY OUR STUFF”. I feel the need to quickly close the window and pretend I was just content staring blankly at my wallpaper.