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And The Mother Of The Year Award Goes To…

January 9, 2011

“ Well I’ve kept my baby alive for the past eight months, so clearly I’m doing something right”

Do not fear, these are not my words, for I have not impregnated some poor poor woman (although that would explain my absence of late…no really its not). This is merely a snippet of a gut busting conversation between two teenage mothers I heard whilst waiting at a train station (where all cultural gems occur) I would have recorded there conversation for posterity and hilarity had the not been twice my size and hence probably able to beat the crap out of me. Instead I’ve decided to share bits and pieces for you to enjoy and me to mock.

Perhaps the best thing about this quote is that it appears this mother was bragging of this feat (or rather in this Childs case a miracle) that she had indeed managed to keep something alive for more than six months. Even Britney Spears managed to keep her children alive, as far as I know. Come to think of it I haven’t see or heard anything about them for sometime in the press, and the BBC news is usually all over Britney’s’ latest escapades…hmmm cover up?

On the counter side of this criticism it would appear as though people had major doubts that she would not be able to sustain her Childs life for more than seven months, she should maybe have a serious rethink of whom she calls friends. These are awful people, or maybe they are her parents. Either way she appears to think she is doing a bang up job. As she backed this up with

“I know single mum’s my age who had there kids taken away”

If this is not the sign of a good parent then I don’t know what is. Mum if you are reading this then I hope you are taking notes, because I think I almost died thrice when I was six months old…it was a crazy age.

Terrible mothers aside, happy New Year and Christmas everyone! How was your Christmas? (Insert response here) that sounds fascinating! And so how was your New Years? (And insert another response here). I’m sorry for my bloggy delay during this past month, but you see I got very sick, then got waaaay too many presents and had to open them. Then it was new Years, and so ridiculously hot. So I was much to sweaty to type something to post, but trust me I said some pretty funny things at the wordpress page, if only it had a dictate function my life would be so much easier.


I also thought I would let you kids know that I will be on holiday for the next week, so there will be few bog posts in the next week, because as far as I know nowhere else has the internet except my house, so it would be near impossible to write anything while i’m away. i know what you are thinking “Finally Aex is taking a break from his over booked schedule, he works much to hard around here”, i hear this and tend to agree.