Forever Young…ish

December 15, 2010

Soon I will be leaving forever the care free days of my youth and reach my roaring twenties. Where the grass is greener and the action movies have more car chases and gore then ever before. For a while I was scared at the prospect of entering my twenties, then I was excited, then I was hungry, then I had a sandwich, then I was scared again but not hungry (which was the more important and pressing issue).

I’m still a tad apprehensive on the whole issue, I mean what good an possible face me once I leave the supposed best years of my life? So to say a final farewell to my teenage years I decided to make a list of quintessential aspects of the teenage experience I should do.

Number 1: Join the football team, where we are a mismatch bunch of kids who at first appear to have no hence at winning until we make it to the finals. Where the game is tied until the last minute where I score the winning “point” (I’m clearly displaying my lack of knowledge of anything to do with sport)

Number 2: Punch some punk ass kid in the face. Then run away in a cowardly manner

Number 3: miss the deadline for some homework I was meant to have finished weeks ago

Number 4: state that all my teachers are out to get me, hence the failing of things. Even though I don’t try very hard at all

Number 5: Tell my parents to Fuck Off! Then ask to borrow money.

So there you have it, the top five quintessential teenage experiences. I have about four hours to complete them. So I’m guessing most of these will go unfulfilled.


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