The Truth in AdverLIESment

December 4, 2010

I have been hearing on the radio an increasing amount of pure evil ads for various things. Such as mortgage loans, sounds fair enough right? WRONG! They say in the ad, can’t pay for the sign up fee? Put it on the house! This is just begging for trouble! Or commercials offering loans that state, we don’t care about your Credit history. Please dear god do not give these people a loan or credit card.

Because of this I have thrown my hat into the ring and have begun an advertising campaign or various hot products that I will share with you now


Thongs! Fuck you Conventional and Hygienic Footwear

Fringe! Everybody Deserves a contrived personality

Coffee! The Elixir of the Anxious

chairs! Nothing more to say about this one...

Moustaches! Chuck Norris had one, and now you can too!

I have also decided that I will offer to print these onto a t-shirt for the small fee of $10, I can do any colour! (Except pink, because that’s gay…ok even pink) simply email me at Leftinglovechild@gmail.com stating which design you want, what size, colour, your address and PayPal me the money and very soon you be the talk of the town in your ultra sexy Left Wing Love Child shirt.
Warning: Shirts may not cause instant sex appeal, please consult a medical professional is symptoms persist

Also for a very limited time only! The first ten orders will receive this exclusive ticket to heaven!!


A Sure Thing into Heaven! God Can't Do a Thing about it


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