Imagine If…

November 4, 2010

Hey there reader, take a break from your awful awful life and come bask in the wonderfully stupendous realm of my imagination, in this soon to be classic new weekly (maybe) installment I call “Imagine If?!”. For what may seem like only a few minutes and is really only a few sentences, but I put all my love into the for you to enjoy or think to yourself “huh, that’s kinda funny” so please do either of those, or both. Plus another episode of the podcast should be dropping any day now on the Bermuda Triangle of media that is iTunes. So keep an eye out for that, it’s a goodun.

Imagine if you had super powers, but you lived in a third world country like Ethiopia and couldn’t really do anything with them…that would suck

Imagine if there was a meal between breakfast and morning tea, which involves coffee, that would be awesome

Imagine if your pet cat or dog had a pet of its very own, that would be weird.

Imagine if aliens were observing our culture, but all they were watching was FOX news and Jersey Shore, that would be embarrassing.


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