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A Halt to the Hilarity

October 20, 2010

Cast your mind back to…oh say… two weeks ago. The Chile miners were still in that hole getting the world record for longest time…in a hole, and the Left Wing Love Child podcast season two was proving to be an instant classic with an elite few group of handsome and pretty people. You may recall that I made a wild claim that we would be bringing you regular installments of said podcast for your listening pleasure, you may also be aware that there has been a noticeable absence of anything new since then. Am I a liar? Well sort of.

We have been recording new episodes via the magic of skype. They have been jam packed with hilarity and whimsy. So much so that we were nominated for a podcast award that we made up. Unfortunately much to our (and I’m sure your) dismay the audio files became corrupted, and so are as useful as a Darwin’s “The Origin of Species” at a Christian bake sale.

Obscure similes aside, We apologise and promise to have something new for you in the near (ish) future


Smile! Or the Terrorists Win

October 14, 2010

Things these days may seem pretty bleak, A Current Affair insists that electricity prices have no where to go but up (that’s why I’m bottling all my electricity so I can sell it when its worth a fortune), The ANZ bank makes a big deal about hiring women (I think they still think its 1965) and Katy Perry is successful. With all this and more it seems easy to be bogged down in a constant sea of despair and a general outlook of anguish.

This is why I felt the need to share this video with you all. This put an instant smile on my face, it could possibly be the best thing to come out of YouTube ever (well not counting any videos of a cat playing a piano) I don’t think I have seen such enthusiastic dancing at a concert…well…ever, and they’re only in kindergarten. You could take an old timey ten minute exposure photograph at any Arcade Fire concert and it would turn out fine because no one moves a muscle while seeing that band, not even the band themselves.

I’m not sure if I had a point to make here, but simply I needed people to see this and appreciate the pure joy in it. That and I have a crap load of work to do and couldn’t really be bothered writing an actual blog entry, so Enjoy!