A Day Fit For a Champion

September 25, 2010

Today was one of the worst days I have experienced in recent memory. For you see, I have been stuck in some sort of infinite procrastination loop. My mid semester break is nearing its end, and hat have I got to show for it? Was I productive? Well I did watch an unhealthy amount of Mythbusters while simultaneously looking up serial killers on Wikipedia and trying to solve the case. So yes I was productive in that sense. However I also had tree assessments to finish and I am only now starting the finish the first.

To give you an idea of what I DID do today I will provide you with an outline

•    Woke up, made extravagant fruit salad breakfast which took almost an hour of preparation
•    Showered, brushed my teeth and FLOSSED (I never Foss. because really who has the time?)
•    Took my dog for a walk (it should be noted I HATE my dog, and so for me to voluntarily do this seemed like a big deal)
•    Cleaned my desk
•    Dusted my shelves
•    Sat out in the lovely sunshine (again I NEVER do this, since when do use words like lovely?)
•    Alphabetized my books, Vinyl, DVDs and CDs
•    Did some ironing
•    Solved a crime or two
•    Then started my first essay.

Even now I am writing a blog entry when in reality I should be finishing work. Two things have gotten me through his day though!!

Those being

  • Espresso

  • New Deerhunter album – Halcyon Digest

It perfectly matched my mood of sleepy, warm, anxious and heroic all at the same time.


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