Gaga, A Baby’s First Words? Or the Sound of a Pop Culture Phenomenon?

September 14, 2010

The MTV video music awards have rolled around for another year. It is hard to believe that it was actually an entire year ago that kanye created the most boring controversy ever by interrupting Taylor swift, you might even say he pulled a “swift” move on her-BAM-a year later and its still like a joke piñata.

That hilarity aside this years VMA’s may as well have been renamed “What stupid/crazy shit is Lady Gaga going to wear next?” although she won something ridiculous like eight awards, her outfits clearly took center stage over mediocre dance pop.

Among other things on this particular night, one “dress” she wore was not too out there by any means. So what did she do? She put a raw steak on her head. I know what you are thinking “delicious” well you are WRONG. It’s not delicious; I would even hardly call it fashion, more a meal. What are people in third world countries meant to think? While they are starving barely getting one meal a day in American they are taking once edible food and putting it on their head and deeming it culture
You see Gaga doesn’t realize that she is digging herself into a controversy hole. Once she has worn a steak on her head, what more can she really do to shock the population who are caught in uproar over uncooked meat? Perhaps some kind of aborted fetus dress? Or a paper Mache dress made entirely out of broken treaties to the Native American’s?

I am also quite certain that her designers are the laziest people ever. They are not sewing late into the night or into the wee hours of the morning, oh no. This is how they prepare for a lady Gaga dress.

(1)    Go to butcher
(2)    Ask for half a kilo of fillet mignon
(3)    Cook up one steak for yourself
(4)    Stick other on Lady Gaga’s head
(5)    Call it fashion
(6)     Get paid

Lady Gaga is an artist who is deemed “edgy” and always pushing boundaries. Although a closer inspection of her actual music and there seems very little to be offended by. Take her first major hit “just Dance” for example. It is simply an electro-pop song about having fun, throwing caution to the wind and dancing. Who is going “HOW DARE YOU!!, you can’t make me dance. You are destroying my beliefs and all my morals with you sacrilegious pop music” no one that’s who.

Or take her perhaps biggest hit “Bad Romance” I personally think this song and subject matter are WAY too out there in the ether to be relatable to the modern day you and I. I mean who in this modern day and age were all marriages are predetermined by our parents to coincide with beneficial business deals, so who knows the feelings of a Romance going wrong and turned sour?

Her old flat mates (who clearly wanted to cash in on her success) have apparently spoken out. Saying that she was not always weird, and hold back your rage. But they said she was not always “Warhol-esque” WHAT!? Do they know who are what Warhol is and or did? Andy Warhol was one of the pioneering Pop artists emerging in the 1950s influenced by the post WW2 American economy boom.

Inspired by commercialism he incorporated a theme of mass production and consumerism into many of artworks, such as the Campbell soup cans or nine Elvis’. Does this remind you of lady Gaga? No? I thought not. S this just proves that Lady Gaga is an idiot who is associated (once) with people who know nothing of art, except for a few choice “buzz” names and words that they drop into conversation without any actual knowledge of what it means.

Oh yeah and the Black Keys won an award too, so check them out since they are both talented and deserve to win an award. An odd combination for the VMA’s.


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