A Year In Retrospect

August 6, 2010

Hey there Left Wing Lovers (a new name I’m trying out to address you, the audience. On the other hand I could have started it out by saying “why hello <insert your name here> would that have been more personal or inviting? Oh well its too late for that now) some of you, the devoted few (very few). May have stuck it out with John and I over this past year. Or some of you may be a new comer and we welcome you and some of you may be sic years old and you have stumbled upon this site after searching for “List of every Pokémon ever” or “Biker mice from mars” and we welcome you to.

Who ever you are the message of this post stays the same; this blog has been churning out material or over a year now. We have laughed together, cried together, cheered together and pretty soon sung happy birthday together as this blog turns a whole one year old.

Although really what is so great about turning one? When you turn one year old you still crap your pants, your vocabulary is still very limited to maybe ten words at best none of these words pertaining to your pants which may need to be changed due to problem number one of being one and your primary source of food is puree everything in a jar, even things that should not be pureed. Like steak and carrots or conversely things that you think could not be pureed any more like pumpkin soup.

It was about this time last year that I took my first baby steps into the lonely, sad and cold world of blogging. The first blog I wrote was quite the delightful literature piece describing my wish list for things I must achieve over my inter vacation from my tertiary studies. Looking back on them now I realize how truly young and naive I was. This “wish” list contained things like
•    Get a job
•    Get a girlfriend
•    Pass my classes for the semester (which I did, no thanks to you Jesus… I know you read this)
None of these are even slightly plausible; who did I think I was? Oprah? That I could have been hired by a business owner to perform a task for them in exchange for money, I’m not Bill Gates. Get a girlfriend? What is this the O.C all of a sudden? I need to wake up and realize that not everyone has a girlfriend, maybe I’m not appealing and I should try and find a girl who likes me for my money rather than my personality (so she may have to not really understand maths) despite these glaring flaws in my logic I did manage to pass all my classes and have done so for every semester thus far.

So since it has been a year, I’m a little wiser and a little more indie. I decided to make a new list of things to accomplish.

•    Grow a “psychology” beard – this seems rather simple, if anything this is one less thing I have to do rather than actually try. For all I have to do is not shave and think many thoughts. I call it a psychology beard since nearly all-reputable psychologists have a thick and hearty beard and I’m also studying psychology so it only makes sense.
•    Be the first man on mars – I saw the first half of the movie Apollo 13 and I think it was going towards a happy ending, so I think I’m more than qualified to go into space


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