Mac Attack!!

July 17, 2010

I had the fullest of intentions this past week of writing a blog entry at least every three days if not more purely to for you, that’s right YOU. Unfortunately my Mac did not receive this memo and decided to have a small heart attack, no biggie. All this meant was that my battery would not last more than five minutes away from the charger and my mouse was stuck eternally down clicking on everything in sight, this made for quite the embarrassing facebook incident when I would like things I did not like even remotely (I think for one moment I even “liked’ Tony Abott sending my indie cred plummeting (luckily I retorted with a reference to a song by The XX and all was right with the world)

To solve this problem I went to my local computer givers of life and pleaded for their help (because I simply cant go back to a PC. its too weird) they were only mildly condescending with their use of jargon like “screen” and “battery” whatever they are. In the end they said I would simply need to replace the battery which apple should cover, since a laptop battery, which is not even two years old, should not explode in such a manner. The only thing was I had to be angry and mean about it over the phone.

So I watched a number of 24 episodes to study the voice and prowess of Jack Bower and his interrogation skills (he never negotiates with terrorists and neither do I!!) I called them up and long story short I’m now paying $200 for a new battery, mission accomplished.

So due to this I’m writing this on my…PC. I do not like it one bit, two mouse buttons to use? Why would I never need to click on two things at once? And a start menu? Whenever I click it nothing starts except for my contempt for PC.

So you can expect my usual Mac savvy witty remarks to be back to sua by ten to twelve working days.


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