Political Rap

May 12, 2010

Lately it could be said that the blog has become too “celebrity” news oriented (but really celebrities are out betters so I just follow whatever they tell me to do) or that the blog has turned into me hatching ridiculous plans of apocalypse machines with midget assistants, but really what blog isn’t? Have you read Perez Hilton’s latest blog? Some real food for though.

So to break away from this today I will do a quick political run down of the ins and outs of the recent British happenings, mostly for those of you who don’t watch television (who doesn’t watch television?) or those of you who can’t afford a television.

Not six days ago, in the far of land known as Britain, where a cup of tea has more rights than women and Colgate clearly needs to spend more money on advertisements and awareness campaigns on dental hygiene. An election was held. I could bore you with the results, which I’m sure those educated among you already know (so not many), so I will anyway. The results in this election were what is known as a “Hung Government”, why use the word Hung? Could be some sort of male compensation thing. However in actuality it means that no party won majority seats.

So you may e wondering “how do they sort this out? Some kind of thumb wrestling tournament? Queensbury rules?” well yes and no…mostly no. It was decided that since David Cameron’s (two first names? Who does he think he is? We all know the current trend in political leader name’s is dictators, look at Barack Hussein Obama, an energy drink and dictator rolled into one) Conservative party won the most seats he would take over as knew prime minister after Gordon Brown resigned.

The youngest PM in England in nearly 200 years, Expect some craaazzy parties

Following his victory, my pal the Obama-rama was among the first to ring up with his congratulations and invite him down to the white house in the summer for some spring break shenanigans.

He won by how much? no way!


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