Ricky Martin, Gay?!?

March 31, 2010

In recent celebrity news it is being reported that Ricky Martin has admitted to the world that he is indeed gay. This came as a total surprise

If this man can be gay then all the ideals and beliefs I once held are now under question.

Just two Bro's hanging out, this is what I do every Sunday

This picture for example is clearly as heterosexual as it gets. What is gay about this? He is just having a regular day at the beach with his bro. just doing some push ups with his bro, comparing biceps, which I do all the time. Playing a game of what I assume is heterosexual beach wrestling.

If he is indeed gay kudos to him for having the courage to stand up to all his redneck, judgmental fans who I’m sure loved his blend of Latin pop and disco music, and danced constantly to his songs “living la vida loca” while harvesting their crops and drinking moon shine. It may take some getting used to but I think the world will adjust.

If this is true then we must also question other truths we once thought.

Like maybe Perez Hilton is gay?



Or maybe Paris Hilton didn’t graduate college with masters in medical science?

Is there a link between the name Hilton and awful people?


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