Wow…I Think I Need Some New Business Cards

February 22, 2010

This man could sell me anything, guaranteed!! He could sell books on how to be tolerant to Hitler. Sometimes I wish I was this man, purely because of the completely unwarranted confidence he seems to carry with him. He could say to his wife “for breakfast we’re having pizza, GUARANTEED! Then we will go to the candy factory. GUARANTEED! Then you will admit the person who wrote the script for “Made of Honour” thought he could base an entire feature length film purely on one atrocious pun and let me fly to his house and punch him in the face, GUARANTEED!”

Despite this the video has brought to my attention that I need new business cards. Considering that all my current cards are written on the back of Bar coasters and don’t include a phone number, but instead a treasure map which will lead the person to my location, where I will tell them one joke (probably a knock-knock joke)

Even though his Spielberg-esque editing skills make him appear to have created a card that would make God himself tremble in all his inadequacies, the card itself really isn’t that impressive. It’s more or less a simplified children’s pop-up book, I was reading those when I was four yet it took him twenty five years to think of it?


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