Wackness On The Interwebs

January 30, 2010

I’m sure if you spend more than thirty seconds on the internet you will have come across some form of pop up advertisement or banner ad, sometimes I can even just merely glance at my Mozilla icon and a pop-up ad will appear (although this could be a virus and not a marketing scheme…or a viral marketing scheme!! Those sneaky bastards) Either way advertising on the internet is everywhere, and these aren’t ads for big name commercial brands like “LG life’s not so good when we plague your web browser with hundreds of pop ups and banner ads huh?” or “Norton, hand over your wallet and free will and we will get rid of SOME of these ads and virus problems you are having, but rather these are always commercials for things you have never seen before and probably never will se ever again. This could be because they aren’t legally allowed to advertise this on television I don’t know I’m not a lawyer.

So here are some of the more obscure or just ridiculous ones I have come across on my travels.

This is a banner ad for a gambling website, for a pokies/slots style of game. They chose the very popular theme of…deserts. Also does that man in the middle look like he is winking and trying to crack onto the viewer? Or was that just wishful thinking on my part?

This isn’t an ad more as a competition on a website. Now I’m no expert, oh who am I kidding yes I am! But shouldn’t this want you to enter? However I do not want to win a clothing package to look like this douche bag at all.

This is an Ad for a get rich quick scheme, or is it? upon further reading of the first line you notice that they are only giving away five hundred dollars a month! you could earn more working as an illegal mexican immigrant in America. This considered i do  like this ad, because they level with us. They clearly state “you wont get rich” which is very true.


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