An Apology Of Sorts (but not really)

January 22, 2010

As some of you may have noticed lately there has been a noticeable absence in new bloggage. Tumbleweeds may have been spotted meandering their way across they new post page. Your minds must have been racing as to the cause of our whereabouts “did the FBI finally catch on and discover Alex’s telemarketing scheme?” or “has John gone to Haiti to display his Jesus like super powers and create food for thousands out of one loaf of bread and some shoe laces” (that’s how I heard the story went). Well the truth is neither of these are true, in fact we actually just have lives outside of the internet, strange I know. I have been on holiday for the past week and to quote an instrumental band I have spent the last six days at the bottom of the ocean. To be honest I probably should have brought a towel but whatevs. So from this week on ward blogs should go back to a normal weekly update.

Love Alex and John  XOXO


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