With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.

November 10, 2009

Those of you who are personal friends of mine, and those who are stalking me, are probably aware that I recently broke my toe. I know what your thinking “with an injury that serious how are you still blogging and podcasting?” Well the reason is I have wolverine like healing powers (not to mention atamantium steel claws which protrude from my hands) that allow me to heal at a rate which would kill a mere mortal. I know the other question running through your head “how did it happen?” well it happened one stormy night, while fighting communism…I fell in the shower. I take the fight against communism seriously, unlike you just sitting there. I’m getting shit done and putting my body on the line.

This fatal injury got me thinking. Nearly all heroes gain their super powers through some kind of freak accident. Whether this is Peter Parker getting bitten by a genetically altered spider, which would probably kill anyone else. He gets super powers, or daredevil, who I’m pretty sure just went blind and then decided to become a super hero, come on disabled community take this man’s lead and also become handy capable super heroes! Through all of these terrible injuries these people managed to gain super powers, fight crime, super villains and wear spandex suits that leave nothing to the imagination. I intend to do all these.

So will my mortal wound lead me to a life of crime fighting? I vote yes! So far my super powers include the ability to:
•    Limp in a pathetic fashion around the house
•    Cry every time I need to put a shoe on
•    Complain
•    Walk EVEN slower then I used to

With these new powers comes a great responsibility, will I use them for good or evil? You should prey good.


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