Dreams of a Dreamer

October 10, 2009

I consider myself to be a man of the world. I’ve danced under the moonlight (although it may have been by myself), I’ve seen the lost city of Atlantis (that’s right, the lost city of Atlantis) and I have stared death in the face (although it was merely a picture of death’s face … so a picture of Dick Cheney). Although there are some things I still want to accomplish in my short time on this planet before I’m reincarnated into something else based on my thetan levels as stated in Scientology by the great L. Ron Hubbard (that’s actually what scientologists i.e. Tom Cruise believe, see, you learn and laugh on this blog). So this is a list of things to do and accomplish before my time is up.

I want to record a platinum selling album. I’m not sure how I will do this. I’m assuming garage band will be involved somewhere in there, but I do want to sell over a million albums. These days repetitive dance music seems to be what the kids like, so I will use every single garage band loop to create the most monotonous dance anthems the world has ever known. With titles like “Shake It”, “Move It”, “Dance, Dance, It’s Communism!” and “Nobody Move! … ok now you can move” it will be a hit in all the clubs (and in china). Or I will record a Christian hard rock album. If creed can do it then so can I.

I want to have some kind of holiday named after me, mostly because I hate working or doing things on my birthday. How I will do this you might ask? I don’t know. Maybe my platinum selling album will have something to do with it. This wish is more so I’m not forgotten anytime soon. If this cannot happen I would also be satisfied with some kind mural or pyramid type structure similar to the Egyptian’s, now they knew how to be remembered, because consider for a moment if they had not built the pyramids. What would they be remembered for? Their crazy picture writing? I don’t think so.

I would also like to have a reality show. This show will be a mix between The Amazing Race and Survivor. I will take away their vision (can’t decide whether I should do this permanently or not) and then make them race other blind teams around the world. Whether this will be filmed or purely for my entertainment is unsure.


One comment

  1. “Dance, Dance, It’s Communism” is just screaming platinum.

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