Alzheimer’s, God’s Present to the Elderly

September 21, 2009

In the newspapers recently there has been an increasing amount of stories with headlines like “a cure for Alzheimer’s” or “Alzheimer’s: lest we not forget” (nah I just made th at one up). The point is people are perceiving Alzheimer’s as big, bad and forgetful whereas I think it epitomizes the good old “ignorance Is bliss”

When an elderly person has Alzheimer’s their happy as Larry. Sitting in a room drool coming down their chin thinking, “I’m the king of peanuts!” not a care in their bald wrinkly head. Then cold and diabolical science comes along and says “guess what? We have a cure!” then SHAZAM they work some kind of witchcraft on you and the once blissfully ignorant person now remembers that their legs don’t work, change scares them, most of their hair is gone, their families rarely visit and all the people they cared about are dead.

I’m completely pro-science and anti-creationism. Considering that a creationist believes that fossils were put in the ground to trick us, if this is the case then why couldn’t God just take them back out? Seriously he’s GOD he created everything else but when the prankster Satan sneaks some fossils into the ground where was God? Why couldn’t he just teleport them out with his X-men powers? Was he just “fuck that, its Sunday, I’ve got Simpsons reruns to watch”

So although religion is seeming more and more like a sci-fi film there are still some things that science shouldn’t meddle with, and may God help them if they find a cure for Laziness, I’ve got a chronic case of the lazies.


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