High School Is The Best Six Years Of Your Life

September 15, 2009

“High school is the best six years of your life”

I’m sure some if not all of you have heard this saying. What happened to these unfortunate people in subsequent years so that high school seemed so amazing? “Well I graduated in 2002, diagnosed with bipolar in 2003, and then in 2004 all my limbs fell of…yep high school was pretty great!”

Not to say that I had a horrendous time in high school, however it is a depressing thought to think that the best years of my life have passed. In these “best years” you get to be plagued with the awkward joys of puberty, such as facial hair which grow in often hilarious patches, acne which a leper may wince at and a cracking voice which the ladies dig, am I right?

To get to high school you have to wake up at least 7:00am. Wear a uniform that are always refreshingly dehydrating in the summer yet still manage to be freezing in the winter and have the enchanting odour of wet dog when it rains.

Then when you reach your tenth year of education they tell you that you need some experience of the working world. So they force you to find any job and work there FOR FREE. If I have learnt anything it is that the only reason to work is to get money, but they inform us that we should supply the world with our 15-year-old talent for a week for nothing. My place of “experience” was a café, not so bad right? Wrong. My fresh faced view of the world being a pretty great place where people fall in love, where kittens play with balls of string and Santa clause flies in his sleigh and gives out presents was crushed in that week. The first thing they pointed me towards was an Everest sized pile of dishes; I never did reach that summit in the entire week. I did learn how to write help in capsicum while making sandwiches.


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