Left Wing Love Child – Episode #7 – Scared at the CIA

September 3, 2009

Alex and John make fun of the CIA with no worries, as it is clear by now they have absolutely no balls. P.S, we get the date amazingly wrong at the end of the show. Fantastically wrong. Hey, we were singing. We got lost in the music.

This is a tentative proclaimation that we’re on iTunes. Yes, that means you don’t have to manually download them anymore. Woohoo. Also due to complaining we’ve compressed the size of each episode to under 30 megabytes, at the cost of a slight bit of quality. We should turn up if you search for Left Wing Love Child on iTunes, but if we don’t here’s a link that likewise should work. It will ask to open iTunes, so don’t get scared and think it’s a virus or whatever.


If it doesn’t work for anyone but me can someone please comment to tell me? Cheers.

Also, there’s only one week left on the contest. We’ve had some pretty snazzy ones so far, so please keep on emailing.

One last thing, if anyone wants to request a segment on something in the show, all you have to do is email or comment and tell us what it is. We can make fun of mostly anything, so give us a challenge. ^^


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