Competition Time!

August 25, 2009

Woohoo, I hear you cry. Yes, it’s competition time. Free stuff abounds. The top ten winners of this one will win a signed picture of Alex and I. Holy shit.

This one is simple. We want more emails. Our inbox is looking very dry and desolate. So, email us in 25 words or less how awesome you think we are, and the ten that most stroke our egos will win. You can complement our blogging style, our tone of voice, our abilities in bed. Anything! So get emailing! The address, as always, is leftwinglovechild@gmail.com.




  1. hahahahahaha!!!!
    Although THS TIME I know it is a joke and am NOT gullible enough to send in.

  2. no this is completely serious! no joking at all i swear

  3. The only problem is, do you even have 10 readers? I dont think the philosophy of every ones a winner is all that productive. Cause than there just isnt any competition between readers at all. Much like getting a prize for coming last…. Well maybe you do have more than 10 😛 i wont burts your bubble. Especialy considering you want your egos ‘stroked’

    • **burst not Burts…

  4. words hurt eddy 😦

    and do you really want to piss of john and I? expect the next blog to be called “50 reasons why eddy is lame” number one is because you made fun of us

  5. Mathematically, if we only have ten readers they’re visiting the site an awful lot. Therefore, they’re most likely stalkers and are bound to email more than once in an attempt to have some meaningful impact upon their idol’s lives.

    So you’re either competing against a lot of people, or you’re competing against stalkers. Either way is competition. ^^

  6. Wait, is all the aggression because we insulted Matchbox 20? Nawwww. How adorable.

    • you insulted matchbox? lol musnt have read that one. and i dont download the podcasts 😦 sos i 50mgs is to mission for me.

      Its not agression… just teasing a little. didnt realise you would be so hurt. sorry alex lol. there there, your wonderful blog writers. Does that help the ego? 😀

      well in all truth it is bloody funny so i have no complaints there. i just like poking.

      • Nah, we did it on a podcast. When I can be bothered we’ll probably start to compress them a little.

        Do you know any good compressiony software?

  7. Compression to compress files? If so, 7zip all the way. If you’re talking about reducing the size of your mp3’s and mean transcoding? I’d use lame or sox.

    Best of all, they’re all free.

    • Lame or sox. Gotcha. ^^

      • im off the hook. btw last to blogs where awesome. poor alex, and i miss pokemon lol.

      • **two

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