Sluts, the Real Creative Geniuses?

August 23, 2009

Now I don’t like to use derogatory terms like “slut” but sometimes a certain situation or girl may have cause for such drastic measures. These ladies of the night, and early morning, have often thought to be devoid of any thought process past “which morning do I take the morning after pill?”  However I have come to realize that perhaps they are the true creative genius that the majority simply cannot comprehend.

For example, school uniforms. How often has a prepubescent child complained that their uniform take away their personality? Or that it lacks any kind of character and turns them into another drone? This does not hold back the slut, I’m sure everyone as seen the girl who has managed to slutify her uniform by making what was once a long skirt into a mere sliver of material and turn a baggy school shirt into a midriff. Does this not show that they are capable of showing personal identity in even the most conforming of places?

Another recent trend which has risen lately is clear high heels. Upon first glance this may appear to just be a cry for attention. Although it seems somewhat postmodern of these girls with low self esteem, that they have the thought that although they need to wear clothes to be socially acceptable the clothes they do wear are see through and so defeating the purpose of clothing. How like the slut to stick it to the man.

Another trait of this breed of girl that seems ingenious is their hideous troll looking boyfriends. At first this may be mistaken for a lack of taste in appealing things so they pick guys whose face looks like a run over pie. On the contrary maybe they are actually trying to look better by comparison, it’s cruel but effective. Look at Jackie O with Kyle.

Looking through history I feel I must point the finger at the biggest slut. Jesus, he loves EVERYBODY. Regardless of how they look.



  1. This is all very true – maybe next comes world slut domination. Also, I’m a little worried about how many times Jesus is mentioned on this blog – Alex, are you secretly gay for him?

  2. Secretly?

  3. lol no, i just think religion is hilarious!

    c’mon, the son of god started out in a trade job!
    that kind of gives hope to everyone!

  4. Oh, so you like the “tradie”, independent kinda guy. Able to take care of his family. I get where you’re coming from.

  5. hey if he can put food on the table and coffee beans…..where coffee beans go then im happy

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