The Magic of University

August 4, 2009

First there is the matter of getting there, I like all the coolest kids catch the train. Of late there seems to be a rise in the number of police officers on the stations. This isn’t a bad thing as I do get of at kingswood and do enjoy living, however their sniffer dogs always seem very interested in my shoes, which always makes the police officers look at me as though “ are his sneakers made of heroin? That monster”

Then there is the hardest decision of my day; on the train do I sit in a chair that smells like fart? Or one smells like vomit? Then there are the other lovely travelers, the Bogans and westies who are still drunk either from the night before or breakfast, but now they are angry and confused as to why they are on a train.

Then there is the glorious company of fellow uni students, us intellectuals the elite of society. Conversing about things that matter, like the meaning of existence and the high prices in the café. However there is always one overly eager mature age student who wears his jeans to low with a pseudo trendy scarf, despite the fact that he’s balding. I wish I could tell him to put on a cardigan and go play with the other old people.



  1. I can only hope that the trips to uni will be as enjoyable for me, and that one day I can grow up to be encompassed by the mature age genre of student.

  2. Nice blog, adding it to the links page on my website.

  3. sniffer dogs? man i wish the macquarie uni line had sniffer dogs =[ im disappointed.

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