Letters To …

July 20, 2009

Sometimes I wish I could write to objects, people and social contracts with advice, so now I did.

Dear lads, stop staring at me just because I’m wearing skinny jeans, what are you wearing? Oh canterbury, polo shirts and baseball caps that’s refreshing. Stop doing petty crimes and settle into your trade job now.

Dear mum and dad, stop nagging me, I will clean up my room when I THINK IT’S MESSY.

Dear Benji Madden (from Good Charlotte), stop pretending that your music is still relevant. Anyone can play three power chords on a guitar, and just because your IQ is lower then my body temperature doesn’t mean you can dress awful.

Dear Up and Go breakfast drink, how dare you think you can replace the most important meal of the day with a small drink. If I were to create a realistic breakfast drink it would be called Up, and then Go back to bed.

Dear reality T.V, don’t stop now, you’re still tragically hilarious.

Dear Lady Gaga, put some pants on, seriously.



  1. haha thats hilarious! Not too bitter 😀 i like all these blogs 🙂

  2. up and go is such a breakfast poseur. i refuse to drink that. as if you want your breakfast solids to be processed into liquid form?

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