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Podcast 3- Nickleback & Health Insurance, you can’t afford to miss this!

July 31, 2009

Here is our third podcast, the most hilarious yet .



The Woes of Global Warming

July 29, 2009

I know what your thinking, “Wow a blog about global warming, how edgy, what’s next, some Chuck Norris jokes?” No, that’s next week. That being so the global warming crisis is one of my main concerns, right up there with blankets for the homeless and coats for cats in the winter.

Environmental issues seem to have taken a back seat in recent times since people are dying from swine flu and can’t afford business class flights due to the economic crisis. So have no fear, I’m here to remind you that we are all going to drown because of rising sea levels.

I know what you’re thinking, what can little old me do to help? Well here is my plan to save the world.

If everyone buys a sham wow and dunks it in the ocean then by my calculations sea levels will drop by A LOT. According to the magnificent infomercial the sham wow holds 12 times its own weight in liquid, meaning marine life would be a thing of the past.

Al Gore, while you’re in your office making movies I’m out here in the real world getting shit done. You’re welcome, Mother Nature.


Podcast 2- Hitler Gnomes & Fun With Comas

July 26, 2009

So contrary to John’s recent post we have found a new home to host our podcast’s, this probably wont be permanent and you can’t find us on itunes yet.



Podcasts Down … For The Moment

July 26, 2009

Due to Evoca being stupid, I’ve canceled the account with them. They just don’t deserve my $4.95 a month.

We’re now looking for somewhere else to host us, somewhere that can preferably give us an RSS feed that we can freaking adjust as well. Any suggestions?


Manning It Up

July 21, 2009

At times I feel as though my manliness may suffer due to some of my decisions. So from now on I will try my hardest to man things up a notch, here is a list of some questionable things I do.

Skinny jeans, I believe men can be stylish right? And what says style more than cutting of the circulation to the lower half of your body. So the jeans stay.

I drink vodka raspberries; again I see nothing wrong with this. And its not feminine if you grunt and yell “YEAH I LOVE SPORT” while drinking them, which I do.

I don’t enjoy chewing meat from bones; I hate eating chicken legs and such. Why do we continue to eat meat from the bone? Using our hands and teeth when we invented the technology to slice food products without the use of our hands centuries ago. This act seems savage and primitive

I find spiders scary. What’s not scary about them? They’re all hairy and eight legged. I bet I would be scary with eight legs, or a super villain.

To me however being called gay doesn’t seem like an insult. However I do feel constantly emasculated by my mum who whenever we go to a café for lunch will ask what I’m having and then order for me, while she is telling the waitress what I want I feel either like I’m five again and am shy of people or some mentally disabled boy in the outside world for the first time in months who can’t order a meal for himself.


Letters To …

July 20, 2009

Sometimes I wish I could write to objects, people and social contracts with advice, so now I did.

Dear lads, stop staring at me just because I’m wearing skinny jeans, what are you wearing? Oh canterbury, polo shirts and baseball caps that’s refreshing. Stop doing petty crimes and settle into your trade job now.

Dear mum and dad, stop nagging me, I will clean up my room when I THINK IT’S MESSY.

Dear Benji Madden (from Good Charlotte), stop pretending that your music is still relevant. Anyone can play three power chords on a guitar, and just because your IQ is lower then my body temperature doesn’t mean you can dress awful.

Dear Up and Go breakfast drink, how dare you think you can replace the most important meal of the day with a small drink. If I were to create a realistic breakfast drink it would be called Up, and then Go back to bed.

Dear reality T.V, don’t stop now, you’re still tragically hilarious.

Dear Lady Gaga, put some pants on, seriously.


WTF, Evoca

July 17, 2009

We’re not on itunes yet. Soz. However, I’m going to go ahead and pass the gigantic buck of shame all the way along to Evoca, who hosts our stuff. It is with them I feel that the buck can rest easy. Maybe he could retire, and raise a family of smaller bucks.

The issue is pretty technical, but basically the gist is that I can find absolutely no way to host our stuff without the artist, genre or description being correct. We can’t even change the label thingy to explicit, which I admit we probably need quite damn badly. Itunes says you need to change the RSS feed information to do that, and that you can’t do it from the iTunes browser. Fair enough. Evoca doesn’t say a damn thing about it at all. I’m scrolling through page after page of FAQs and I still cannot work it out.

Maybe I’m just being really thick. I doubt it, but maybe I am. However, as the customer I still reserve the right to be really thick and still get a freaking product that works.

I’m going to email them in the morning. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.